Clash of the Classics
On last weeks' "Clash of the Classics" Doobie Brothers (Mace) beat out The Eagles (Miller) 70% to 30% AGAIN! Now it's Mace 3 and Miller 3. We are tied again! This week Kansas "Dust in the Wind" (Mace) takes on Toto "Hold the Line" (Miller).
Former Toto and Survivor Vocalists Team Up for New Album [VIDEO]
It’s been awhile since their respective former bands were riding high on the radio with hits like ‘Hold the Line,’ ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ ‘Africa,’ and ‘The Search Is Over’ — but Bobby Kimball (ex-Toto) and Jimi Jamison (ex-Survivor) are still making music. In fact, now they’re making it together. Longtime friends and fellow ’80s hitmakers, Kimball and Jamison found themselves at loose ends in recent