PSO Has Responded to Customers Worried About a High Electric Bill
PSO (Public Service Company of Oklahoma) has responded to customers who are worried about their upcoming electric bill. The big winter storm a few weeks ago AKA Snowpocalypse created tons of snow and ice not to mention record low temperatures. With that and the strain on the power usage we had contr…
Oklahoma Could be Facing High Utility Bills Due to Winter Storm
Last week's winter storm wreaked havoc on Oklahoma with record low freezing temperatures and tons of snow and ice. We're finally on the other side of it, but the effects will continue to linger for months to come. Now that everything is starting to thaw out and melt way a lot of people, my…
Lawton Is Going To Once A Week Trash Pick Up
Well it looks like Lawton will be going to once a week trash pick-up after all. The city held their budget meeting yesterday (07-18-20) and approved the 2020/2021 budget. It includes several cost saving actions the city will adopt going forward including the once a week trash pick-up.
City of Lawton Starting Water Service Disconnections
The Lawton City Council met earlier this week on Tuesday (05-26-20) and discussed the return of water disconnects for nonpayment. If you're currently behind on your water bill you'll need to make arrangements to avoid having your service shut off.
City of Lawton Might Be Going to Once a Week Trash Pick Up
We could be going to once a week trash pick up in Lawton. It's being talked about and it's looking like it might actually happen. No vote by the City Council has been taken yet at least not officially that I'm aware of, but it's been included in the City's upcoming budget pl…