Experience the Most Scenic Drive in all of Oklahoma!
The family and I have been doing little min-vacations and stay-cations throughout the Summer months running around Oklahoma and seeing all the sites. Instead of just doing one big vacation we decided to split it up into several smaller vacations and stay right here in Oklahoma.
Ancient Caves You Can Explore in Oklahoma!
Just a short drive from Lawton, Fort Sill in Freedom, OK. you'll find ancient caves you can tour, hike and explore at Alabaster Caverns State Park. It's about 185 miles North of us, around 3 hours or so away from town. I'm thinking the family and I will add it to the list of our Summe…
The Vacation Bathroom Remodel
I was out on vacation all last week, well not really a vacation. I spent the entire week remodeling the bathroom, doing all types of demo and repairs. More often than not whenever I'm on vacation, or take time off work I'm usually working on home improvement projects or wrenching on the tr…