Lawton Meet the Candidates 2021 Elections Virtual Forum
Next month it will be time to head to the polls in Lawton, Fort Sill to cast your vote on the Mayoral and City Council races. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, September 14th (09-14-21) election day. Be an active participant in this experiment in self government by letting your voice be heard and voti…
Lawton Votes to Increase and Extend the Hotel-Motel Tax
Lawton went to the polls yesterday (02-09-21) and voted to increase and extend the Hotel-Motel Tax. Roughly 2,000 people voted and over 75% voted yes on the proposal so it passed by an overwhelming majority. The new Hotel-Motel Tax with go into effect on (05-01-21) and will be a 7% tax on all non-re… Hopes to Shame People into Voting
Today there is a primary election in our state. If you are 18 or over you should be registered to vote and figuring out the best time to go to your local polling place. Here is some sad news for our very RED state! According to the 2012 Oklahoma Civic Health Index, which was developed by a team of f…
The 10 People You’ll Meet on Election Day
After months and months of being bombarded with political buzz, Election Day is finally upon us. It's a little exhausting to deal with Bayonets and amusing autotuning and everything in between, so it's about darn time society gets back to business and resumes normality.