More House Chores, Less Sex
Married men who kiss up to their old ladies by helping out with the housework are less likely to be bumping uglies with that same misses at the end of the night, according to a new study.
Steve Kelly’s Top 5 Experiences Dating The Wrong Woman
Guys we have all been in relationships with girls that we think are without a doubt perfect for us. Then after it all goes south and the craziness is over with - we look back and see all the signs that these women were without a doubt wrong for us and well certifiably crazy and beyond jealous
Top 10 Signs You Are Dating a Loser!
Is he always late and has an unpredictable attitude? Or maybe he’s perfect and tells you he loves you on date two. How can you tell if he’s 'Mr. Right' or one step away from loserville? Here are our top 10 signs you’re dating a loser. Check t…