Oddly enough, as we move into the prime severe weather season, you and I are about to be inundated with information and little "feel good" features and news blurbs about tornado preparedness. Not to say it isn't good information, but the media outlets just bust these out of their vaults each year and they haven't changed in years.

At some point, the various 20th-century news media in SWOK have to realize we live in the 21st-century...

Within the next week or so, you're going to either read or watch a severe weather feature that talks about the importance of Southwest Oklahoma tornado weather basics... Have a plan. Make sure the family knows the plan. Do a drill to double-check everyone knows the plan... It's all standard stuff until they get to the aging "stock up on (these items)" list.

Keep extra blankets in your safe space. Stock it with plenty of water... a little non-perishable food... the basics... but every single one of these lists forget about the human element and the fact we live in 2022.

What am I going on about? Quite possibly the most important item you can stash away in your tornado shelter safe space is a battery backup power source for your smart devices. A way to plug in and charge your phone in the event the power goes out and you need access to the most timely information possible.

It doesn't need to be name brand or expensive, it only needs to hold a charge to provide power. Luckily, the lithium-ion batteries all of these power-bank products use keep very well in storage. If you left one charged up from last year in your kit, odds are it's probably close to being 100% charged still this year, depending on the features. Still, check and double-check it so you won't be left in the dark when you need information the most.

Also, don't forget about things for the kids. While it may be tempting to hand over your phone or a tablet, those are going to eat away at your power... Instead, store a few fun games in your safe space. Skip-Bo, Uno, dominoes, Cards Against Humanity, Candyland, etc... Things that your kids will enjoy playing. It'll make the time go by and keep their minds off the dangers of severe weather.

Fun & Kid Friendly Oklahoma Vacation Destinations

Far too often, some bored Karen whose only personality trait is complaining about everything will say something along the lines of "There's nothing to do in Oklahoma..." That's simply not true. There is a ton of stuff to do in Oklahoma that you and the kids will love, you just have to know where to find that stuff and have the gumption to hop off the couch and go do some of it.

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