A decade ago, the idea of a side-by-side was hard work, hardly play... Polaris changed the game, and they're doing it again.

Fast forward to 2015, what's the next step in a long line of performance enhancements? Turbocharging!


The RZR was a total game changer. You and a buddy could load up, hit the trails, and jump over just about anything in the way. Just about the only thing missing from this epic toy was true speed. Now, with a new turbocharged engine, it's finally fulfilling the promise of being quick and agile straight from the factory.

Brace yourself, the RZR XP Turbo's MSRP is up there... the base model starts just shy of $25,000... Adding in accessories and the required guy-gear, one of these will set you back a cool $35k. All the same, any reputable dealer will be pretty generous with the deal.

If you'd be more interested in a family toy, there's always the RZR XP 4...


As the toys get bigger, so do the prices... A base model RZR XP 4 Turbo is right around $27,500... With all those mandatory 'bro-code' add-ons, you're looking at somewhere North of $37k...


If you want to take that proverbial 'One Step Further'... Polaris also offers a ton of military grade toys as well. Much tougher, built to talk some serious abuse.

For all the details, and just for the fun of looking, check out the official website, Polaris.com.