When you're walking through Walmart grabbing what little groceries you can afford in this time of rampant inflation, it's not uncommon to hear announcements over the PA system.

It's usually harmless requests for prices or the ultra-rare request for additional cashiers, but sometimes you hear random codes being tossed out and curiosity takes its natural course.

These announcements aren't always innocent requests for cleanups or spills, and if you know what the codes mean, it could give you a leg up on personal safety in some situations.

Obviously, retailers often make announcements in code so they don't create chaos. Let's admit it, if you heard someone make an announcement of an active shooter, everyone would panic, so they have a specific code for it in case the sound of shots fired didn't clue you in.

There are also overhead codes for things like imminent weather, bomb threats, fire, injury, etc... The more nondescript, the more serious the situation, but if you have a decent memory you'll be in the know the next time you hear something like this at your local Lawton Walmart.

Walmart's Secret PA Codes

Knowing when you should leave could save you a little stress and keep the family safe while you're shopping. Here's what you should listen for.

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