While none of us can remember how this topic came about, it certainly made for some seriously hot debate around the Downtown Z94 Studio... The topic is bread and the question is do you eat the crust? The answers were shocking.

First and foremost, let me begin with the tale that led us down this carb-filled path. We usually eat in a staff luncheon type manner around the studios at least once a month and since spring has sprung, sandwiches made up the bulk of the spread as that's what you want to eat as the days heat up, right?

Much like my father, I will generally wait to go through the lunch line last in order to be polite and not feel bad for piling on my plate, and I noticed that everyone skipped the two heels on the loaf. I like the heels so I made my sandwich out of those, and when I sat down, everyone gave me weird looks and shared their disgust.

"Why are you eating the bread butt?"

"You know those are the hoes of the loaf? Everybody touches 'em, but nobody wants 'em"

"We normally throw those away in my house."

I was blindsided and shocked. How is it that so many people will straight throw away the tastiest part of the bread loaf as if it were tainted? It's the most flavorful two pieces of bread in the whole package!

As we continued to debate the whole situation, it turns out that half of everyone will eat the heels of the bread but only as a last resort... The other half straight up refuses to eat it at all, even if it's the only two pieces of bread remaining in the house. I am the only soul in the building that will eat the heels first... because they're the best parts.

I'm surrounded by child-like adults. It's as if everyone doesn't realize it's like eating a bun. Hotdog, hamburger, hero, submarine, etc... those types of bread are basically 100% heels and they're universally loved. How is it not the same on the regular loaf of bread?

What about you? Do you eat the heels first, not at all, or as a last resort? These are the questions we need to ask.

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