Another day, another senseless act that ends in tragedy on the streets of Lawton. Isn't it about time we start having the conversation about common-sense knife control? If you don't believe so, hold my iced skinny sugar-free hazelnut macchiato with an extra shot, light ice, no whip...

Did you know it's easier to buy a knife in America than it is to obtain a driver's license? Why is that? How is that? Have we failed as a country?

Fun Fact: You can "legally" buy any knife you want on the internet and they'll send them straight to your house.

You can even order military-grade knives and have them shipped to your home.

No ordinary citizen needs a military weapon in this day in age... It's 2022 for gosh sakes.

I'm sure every "law-abiding" knife-concealing citizen out there can go on and on about how their knives are only for defense, but the headlines rarely read "Citizen successfully fends off criminal with knife." I'm not naive enough to think that doesn't happen on occasion, but it has to be a rare occurrence.

When the laws were written, I have to think this is what our founders had in mind when they guaranteed the right of citizens to own and carry knives.

Why is there a need for assault knives in anyone's Everyday Carry?

Don't even get me started on the high-capacity knife kits...

Not to mention how ridiculously easy it is to obtain fully automatic machine knives...

You can even order everything you need to make your own ghost knife...

And thanks to loopholes, if you've ever been to a knife show over at the county fairgrounds, you don't even need an id to buy as many knives as you want.

It's time for common-sense knife control restrictions, if only it saves one life... Contact your designated legislator today and let them know we, the people, demand that law-abiding citizens should not have such easy access to knives.



I ran out of satirical reference points but still had to show you this stupid knife... Enjoy.

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