Citizens in Idabel, OK are petitioning for Animal Control Officer Cecil Richards to be arrested for heinous crimes against the animals in his charge.

An online petition is mounting some serious accusations towards Richards, including cruelty, abuse, and neglect. The following is graphic.

From the petition:

Cecil Richards is the Animal Control Officer in Idabel, Ok. He is in charge of the pound there. This pound is a house of horrors. Dogs are dying in these kennels. Freezing to death. Starving to death. Dead bodies laying on the kennel floor for days. The other dogs are so hungry, they are forced to eat the dead dog carcasses to survive. The kennels are completely open to the elements. No heat in the winter, no air conditioning in the summer. Cecil Richards is scared of dogs. He will not even touch them. The dogs are used for target practice, being shot dead instead of humanely euthanized when the kennels are full. Cats are being caught in live traps and submerged in water, drowning inside those traps. This abuse and neglect has to stop. Local animal advocates have tried for years to put a stop to this torture, neglect and abuse. The local authorities will not allow anyone to volunteer at the pound to try to make the living conditions better for the dogs. They have yet to relinquish Cecil Richards of his Animal Control Officer position. Changes have to be made. The animals deserve better. Demand justice for all of the forgotten animals that have suffered and died at the hands of Cecil Richards. Sign the petition. Demand a CHANGE. Demand JUSTICE.

In the following video, it appears after running out of food, the animals in the pound were left to feed on other dead animals.


Idabel, OK Mayor Tina Foshee has stated an investigation would follow up on this issue.

In the mean time, a Facebook page has been started to spread these events. You can check that out here.