As soon as their owners leave the home something magical happens. Watch!

My dogs, on the other hand, would tear the Christmas tree down!

These dogs were trained using the "Mirror Method". According to their website,

The Mirror Method consists of three parts:

  • Ensuring appropriate lifestyle: if a dog can't expend his energies, he will try some very curious ways to relieve the stress. Mostly in the form of unwanted activities. If you give your dog enough physical, intellectual and instinctual exercise, you help him calm down and remain balanced.
  • Teaching with a clicker: by reinforcing the right behaviors, your dog figures out better ways to solve the problems that plague him.
  • Establishing respect through mindful leadership: dogs with behavior problems need to have an owner to look up to and follow more than other dogs. A fearful dog needs someone to trust and guide him. A tough dog needs an even tougher one.

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