There is no denying, the 1911 is the most attractive and sexy pistol ever made. The simple and clean lines mesh so well, and have done so perfectly for over 100 years.

Nowadays, it seems most gun manufacturers produce a standardized list of 'factory custom' 1911's. The bulk are some sort of two-tone stainless/black finish with a fancy set of rare wood grips. This 1911 is light-years beyond what we've seen so far.

Lay your eyes on the finest 1911 made since John Moses Browning invented the worlds most iconic handgun.

It is the Cabot Damascus 1911. A complete custom one-off piece of artfully crafted perfection.

Damascus steel comes from a technology and form of art from a time long ago. Historically, blades were made from this beautiful process. They looked good, it was strong, and it kept a sharp edge throughout use.

Skip forward a few hundred years, gun-makers reintroduced Damascus steel into fine firearms. Most notably, the double barrel shotgun... but as with any technology, the need for stronger steels and alloys was paramount. As the smokeless cartridge evolved, damascus steel fell into history, giving way to modern high-carbon steel and stainless alloys.

Cabot Guns, a relatively small American firearms manufacturer known for their superb 1911's, has reinvented damascus.

In a sheer brilliant stroke of thought, Cabot has produced their damascus out of stainless steel. That may not sound impressive, but it really is. It's a very strong, very modern steel alloy that seduces with very traditional and beautiful features. It could very well be the definition of "custom fine firearm."

Add in the quality components and small parts resembling gold, and a set of grips created from an ancient wooly mammoth tooth, this really is the slab-side to rule them all.

That all being said, the Cabot Damascus 1911 is being considered for a limited production run. A very limited run. The current number being thrown out there is 5 or 10 pistols.

If you'd like to get on that waiting list, be prepared to fork over an estimated $35,000+... but don't let that number scare or discourage you. This work of art is priceless.

For more information, or to get on that list, check out