This is a short week.  Many of us had Monday off to celebrate and memorialize the life and mission of Martin Luther King, Jr.

We always love the idea of a short week BEFORE it happens, but WHEN it is happening, it's weird.

Here is a day-by-day account of HOW TO SURVIVE A SHORT WEEK.

Monday:  You will mostly feel as if this is just Sunday, Part II.  It will be a little confusing and you'll giggle several times when you remember it is actually Monday and a day off.  You'll even stay up a little later than you should, because you don't want the celebration to be over.

Tuesday:  This is your first day to work this week.  For 3/4 of the day, you will think it is Monday and do all the things you do on Monday.  By about 3pm, you'll remember it is Tuesday and you have done none of the things you normally do on Tuesday.  This will cause you to have a small panic attack and you'll have to leave late to finish your Tuesday stuff.  When you get home, you'll be annoyed and ready to pick a fight.  At one point, you will reference today as Monday and your husband or child will correct you and you will want to punch them in the face.  Dinner is also late because you had to work.

Wednesday:  Tuesday is usually the day your garbage out to be collected.  You forgot this yesterday, since you thought it was Tuesday.  It's so early in the morning, you forgot it was Wednesday, so the garbage is on the curb . . .  where it will be torn up by the dogs, raccoon and cats in your neighborhood.  You spend Wednesday night picking up your garbage that now covers 3 city blocks.  After you get it all, it has to sit and stink in your garage until next week.

Thursday:  By now, you've totally given up on the idea of ever knowing what day it is.  You just move through Thursday like a person stuck in quicksand.

Friday:  This should be a great day.  You've only worked 4 days and the weekend is now here!  The problem is, you don't think about that until about 6pm.  At that time, you're already at home and realize you still have a full day's worth of work to do before your weekend can REALLY start.

Saturday:  You lose about half this day to catching up on the stuff you forgot to do this week.

Sunday:  You're too exhausted to do anything fun, so you just wait for Monday to come around again so you get get back to normal.