A new trend among women is catching the public eye – marrying yourself – is it a statement of independence or simply a cry out for help?

Does it sound crazy? It all started back in 2003 with Jennifer Hoe, who married herself on her 30th birthday. In a recent interview, Hoes was quoted saying: ‘I find it very hard to have to disappoint people for example, which can lead to being unfaithful to them and yourself’ according to HLN. Hoes goes on to say that she even wears her wedding ring every day!

For a 36-year-old South Dakota divorcee the issue at hand is simple – people who choose to marry themselves are simply proclaiming their self-approval and love.

For example, Chen Wei-yih married herself two years ago and broadcasted the event on Facebook.  “When I look back at my wedding, at the self-commitment now, I feel it is a thing to remind me that I should not betray myself in any way and any time,” Chen Wei-yih, told HLN.

However, what’s the point to ‘marry yourself’ if the marriage is not considered legal? Wei-yih says that regardless the ‘marriage’ provided her with a sense of pride and confidence.

Is everyone saying, “I do” to themselves? Not quite. Many people feel that it is inappropriate to have a marriage-like celebration that is focused on a person’s progress or self-growth. Susan Pazak, a psychologist in Southern California, told HLN, “What if someone would like to marry in the future? I do not think matrimonial self-bliss is a possibility, yet self-bliss is something for us all to continue to pursue individually and within the vows of the (traditional) marriage.”

If you can marry yourself, the downside is being able to divorce yourself. If given the chance, would you marry yourself? If I could register for all the great loot, I’d definitely be on board!

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