I ran across this story the other day about a 21 year Ohio man that worked toward his weight loss goal , and through hard work and perseverance attained his goal and joined the Army. It's truly is an inspiring story about setting a goal and through hard work achieving it.Every since a child Ohio native J. Roundtree always wanted to be a soldier in the US Army, but at 405 pounds his  Army dream was just that a dream. Roundtree played football, baseball and basketball as a child, but eventually picked up playing video games as a hobby and began to gain weight due to lack of exercise.

After his high school graduation, Roundtree was tipping the scales at 405 pounds and was bound and determined to reach his goal of being in the US Army. So  Roundtree started with P90X and then stuck to a strict 1,500 calorie a day diet, which was a big switch from the times he ate 10,000 calories of junk food in one day. Roundtree adopted an active lifestyle , spending his time jogging, playing basketball, swimming and using home workout DVDs.

Now 19 months after setting his goal, Roundtree's transformation is complete and his is down to 205 pounds and enlisted in the Army and begin his journey as basic training begins at Ft. Benning in Georgia in November.