Another scam alert, another way evil people are trying to steal your money.

This time, it's Fidelity Communications in Lawton sending out the warning to customers.

What Happens

Someone calls your house and says they are a tech expert at Fidelity.  They say your computer pinged their servers with an issue that needs to be fixed ASAP.  He says he can fix the problem if you give him remote access to your computer.  Oh, he also lets you know it will cost you $300 to fix and you need to pay by credit card.

How To Protect Yourself

First:  Just know it is a scam.  It's a golden rule in this day and age to NEVER TRUST SOMEONE WHO CALLS YOU UNSOLICITED.  If someone calls you on the phone and tells you something is wrong and they can fix it.  Don't believe it.  If you think it MIGHT be legitimate, hang up with that person and call the company from a number in the phone book or the corporate webpage.  Ask the company if it is legit.  It won't be.

Second:  Never give your personal information to anyone over the phone unless you know you have called the company legitimately.

If It Happens To You

First, call the police.  It is so hard to find and prosecute these people but we have to try.  Second, if this specific thing has happened to you -- call Fidelity and let them know as well.  They are working with police to find and stop this scam.  580-699-2020.

Tell Your Friends

This is one of those rare times where you SHOULD make sure everyone you know has the info.  If you know someone who might be susceptible to this kind of scam, share this article with them!