While trying to keep my stories always family friendly, this video does display a graphic scene that brings out the anger that I hold towards animal cruelty.

This is a video from the Police Department of Lagrange, Missouri.  This dog is described as vicious and uncontrollable.  As you can see by the video, this animal was anything but vicious.  The only point at which this dog showed signs of aggression was at the moment it felt it was in danger, as any living thing would.

I believe that the majority of our community servants always perform their duties in an upstanding manner and understand that sometimes that there are things that have happened 'behind the camera', but I cannot ignore the cry for help this animal was giving when it was killed in such a senseless manner.

It appeared that the officers were very in-experienced and terrified before any contact was made with the animal.

I can only hope that the authorities and owners find justice served in this manner.

Am I the only one that sees this as abuse of authority?  What are your thoughts?