I have had just about every food imaginable dipped in chocolate. The majority of the food(s) are ok with the chocolate. 

This week, Lay's Potato Chips,  debuted their lasted collaboration, Wavy Original potato Chips dipped in Milk Chocolate.  Now being a fan of both, I had to get some. Where would I go to reach the oasis of sweet and salty combined.

Easy as picking up the phone and calling the factory. Within a day, I had been shipped two packages of the chips. Anxious to try them, we opened the box as soon as it arrived. The shiny package of the limited edition chips did not disappoint us at all.

They are dipped on one side. This ensures that you are getting sweet and salty with every bite. I would definitely categorize more as a dessert chip. But I will have them out for a holiday get together this year. Speaking of that, you will need to hurry, as they are only available for a limited time.  Locally, you can get them at Target for about $3.49.

Will you try chocolate dipped potato chips or is that too much?