There is a joke that goes that comic fanboys only get to see a half-naked girl when they are reading comic books. Female comic book characters seem to always have a big chest, a booty only Sir Mix-A-Lot would love and a waist the size of a twist tie.

One could argue that all the women in the comic book universe might be a little too sexy for comics but these ladies top the list.

  • Vampirella

    Just look at her for starters. We think her outfit is made up of from a small part of Dracula’s cape. She debuted in 1969, (nice coincidence) and needs blood to survive. She has super strength and can transform into a bat. Kinky. She came from the planet Drakulon, where people live on blood that flows in rivers. Her race is called Vampiri and they are able to change into bats, sprout wings and drink blood. Her planet was drying up of blood and she fled to Earth. She actually helps mankind to defeat the evil in the world. She is not affected by sunlight, garlic, crosses, but it looks like her weakness is the inability to wear cotton.

    Dynamite Entertainment
  • Dagger

    Part of a crime fighting team called Cloak and Dagger, Dagger is the beauty of the operation. Her real name is Tandy Bowen and she was born into a wealthy family but ran away because her supermodel mom didn't pay her enough attention. She is a mutant and shoots light in the shape of daggers. Her partner, Cloak, met Dagger in the streets of NYC as runaways. Her skin tight body stocking is all white but has the lowest neckline ever that is in the shape of, you guessed it, a dagger. The outfit bears most of her breast and opens all the way to under her belly button and seems to make a point right to her crotch. Why not just have neon signs pointing to her vagina?

    Marvel Comics
  • Psylocke

    Psylocke is a member of the X-Men. She first appeared the comic book Captain Britain. Her given name is Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock and was the fraternal twin to her brother Captain Britain. Psylocke fought the villain Slaymaster and she got her eyes ripped out. She was taken by the X-Men villain Mojo. Mojo implanted cybernetic eyes and brainwashed her. She then later became a member of the X-Men and has been fighting alongside the other good mutants in the Marvel Universe. In most of the comic books she is in, you will at least see one shot of her giving a big high kick to show off the small thong she wears while fighting alongside the X-Men. At first, we thought it was a coincidence, but not anymore.

    Marvel Comics
  • Zatanna

    Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of magician Giovanni Zatara from the DC comic universe, she possess magical abilities. She is an illusionist by day and a stripper by night. Just kidding about the last part, well maybe not by look of her costume. She started to use her magic to locate her missing father. She is aided by the Justice League of America and later on joins the team. Her magic has been taken from her from time to time, but always regains her magical powers. If she approached you at night would you think she was fighting crime or looking for a hotel that charges by the hour?

    DC Comics
  • Starfire

    To make people other than fanboys confused, there are many characters named Starfire. To avoid any issue this Starfire is from DC Comics and is a member of the Teen Titans. A fan favorite for women to dress up as at Comic Con, the real Starfire has the power to absorb ultraviolet radiation and convert it into energy for flight. She can use that energy to use as powerful blasts to stop enemies in her path. She can also have enemies motorboat her and knock them out with her boobs.

    DC Comics
  • Cassie Hack

    For all those alternative fanboys, Cassie Hack appears in Hack/Slash comics from the Devil’s Due Publishing. She was supposed to be a scared horror victim, but she turns the tables on the evils in the world by kicking their faces in while sporting a demented school girl outfit.

    Devil's Due Publishing
  • Dream Girl

    Nura Nal is another gem from the DC universe. Her fandom is not that great due to the fact DC has rebooted the character a few times. DC was originally going to have her powers be that she can instantly make men have wet dreams, but that already happens to the fanboys, so they gave her precognitive abilities.

    DC Comics
  • Tigra

    This is for all the furry fans out there — Tigra was introduced as the non-superhero powered character called the Cat. She was then called Tigra when she obtained powers from science, magic and mental energy from Dr. Tumulo. She became to take on physical attributes of a cat with retractable claws that can puncture steel. She has increased speed, strength, stamina, agility, and resistance to physical injury. Despite having fur and the ears of a cat, fanboys rank her as one of the sexiest comic characters of all time.

    Marvel Comics
  • Witchblade

    Published by Image Comics and Top Cow, Witchblade was introduced into the comic world in 1995. Her origin centers on a homicide detective from the NYPD, Sara Pezzini, who found an artifact that transformed her into a butt kicking superhero. The artifact called Witchblade gives Sara a protective armor, energy blasts, healing abilities, and allows her to fly. Sara struggles with the Witchblade. She feels at times that she wants to be just a regular cop solving crimes, but wonders if the Witchblade falls into the wrong hands it would be deadly. Sara still uses the Witchblade to fight crime. The only thing that the Witchblade does not do is let her wear a t-shirt.

    Top Cow Productions
  • Stripperella

    The name says it all. Created by Stan Lee, there was never an actual comic book title Stripperella, but she had her own crime fighting animated series. Her powers are enhanced reflexes, superhuman strength, high intelligence and sexy martial art skills. She is not alone in the family with “talents”, her brother is Chipperella. He is a male stripper by day and a superhero at night. Surprisingly, this series did not last too long — just 13 episodes.

    Stan Lee