12 years after losing her fingers as a result of sepsis brought on by chicken pox, 15-year-old Chloe Holmes has become the youngest person in Europe (and the first outside of America) to be fitted with bionic fingers.

The device, created by Touch Bionics of Scotland, cost just north of $50,000 but the improvements to Chloe’s life in the short time she’s worn it have already proved priceless. She is quickly learning to complete basic but essential tasks (like using a knife and fork and brushing her teeth) that were previously impossible. In Chloe’s own words:

“The best thing about my new hand is that now I can hold things. It is quite difficult, but I am getting used to it….I’m looking forward to going back to school so everyone can see it.”

“We’d go out as a family and people would stare for the wrong reasons – they stare now in amazement,” added her father Peter.

[via Telegraph]