Lawton had a pretty strange winter last year. It was downright hot into November. Then bam! Someone released the snow machine and blasted us with arctic temps. This coming Winter should be a little cooler, and the National Weather Service is predicting it to be wet.

Below average temperatures are favored in parts of the south-central and southeastern United States, while above-average temperatures are most likely in the western U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and New England [NWS/NOAA]

They're also projecting we'll be up to 33% wetter this year. Bring on the snow!

The Precipitation Outlook favors above-average precipitation across the southern tier, from the southern half of California, across the Southwest, South-central, and Gulf Coast states, Florida, and along the eastern seaboard to Maine. [NWS/NOAA]

Now I don't know about you, but I'll take all the snow and rain we can get. It has been brutally dry since that giant ice and snow storm in January 2010 that actually ripped our radio tower down.

Here's a short video that will compare last year to the predicted coming Winter.