When is the cut off time for talking about your New Year's Resolutions? The last week of December? The first week of January? New Year's Day? I think the longer you talk about them, the more likely you are to actually succeed in accomplishing them. If this is the case, then my 2018 resolution is to definitely lose some weight.

I'm fat. I am unhappy with the way I look. I don't like the way I feel. I hate thinking I look one way in my mind and then walking by my reflection only to realize it's all a lie and my mind is playing a very cruel trick on me. "Is that how I really look?" I despise changing room mirrors with the type of lighting that has a way of showing every nook, cranny and imperfection. My friend calls them, "buckles, bulges and dents." Whatever they are, I. Hate. Them. In 2018, they will disappear.

"Thick thighs save lives....thicker than a snicker...have tummy and still look yummy... you can't spell cellulite without "u lit"....ugh, give me a break. As far as I'm concerned, these are all slogans created to excuse unhealthy lifestyles and keep you content with remaining fat and out of shape. The devil is a lie. I Refuse! I Refuse! I Refuse!

The wine, the junk food, the lack of exercise, the sedentary lifestyle...all done in 2018. My plan is to join a gym and put that membership to good use this year. My goal to walk/run more often, regularly attend early morning spin classes and eating healthier, will be accomplished this year. I don't care about fat shaming. Miss me with the popularity for political correctness. This has absolutely nothing to do with anyone but me, myself, I and how I feel about myself. If you're content with being fat...then by all means, stay fat.

If fat shaming (myself) is what I need to do to do shed these dimples....then it is what it is. Catch me this summer though. Drastic changes will be made. #LeanIn2018

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