As the new year makes its debut appearance on the calendar in less than a week, now is the time when people become more verbal about what they plan to do differently in terms of resolutions.For many people, their long over-due New Year's Resolution is to travel the world. For others, to live and work in an exotic location is the main to-do on their list of #Goals for 2018.

This also happens to be my own personal New Year's Resolution as well. Although I don't have plans to move anywhere anytime soon; I figure I've been a #Stan for far too long on Facebook & Instagram, studying the lives other adventurous people bold enough to travel the world. I'm sick of living vicariously through viral videos of them #Slaying the cobblestone streets of Italy; or of couples sipping Mai Tais on exclusively located sandy-white beaches somewhere in the tropics. I mean really, can I experience some #TravelBaeGoals too? Can I miss the rains down in Africa (lol)? How can I be down?

Although I've learned a lot from people bold enough to go where they've never gone before and are daring and generous enough to capture it on film, I must admit, I have some real concerns about world travel. Am I doing all I can to respect the cultures and customs of the destinations? Am I standing out (or just doing) too much? Do I fit in? AM I SAFE? These are all thoughts that make me anxious about traveling, much less living, abroad. I'm just looking to meet new people, share new experiences & get my whole life during an exotic vay-cay.

But, for those of you that wish to rise & grind in your dream destinations, the video below should be right up your alley. NOW is the time to set those travel goals for the New Year. See you on the other side of the planet!


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