Another local event has fallen victim to COVID-19 concerns. The Wichita Falls Senior - Junior Forum made the announcement earlier today on their Facebook event page that the 2021 Red River Wine and Beer Festival scheduled for March 27th has been canceled.

Red River Wine and Beer Festival via Facebook
Red River Wine and Beer Festival via Facebook

The Senior - Junior Forum shared this message in making the announcement.

The 2021 Red River Wine and Beer Festival scheduled for March 27th has been cancelled due to safety concerns around the COVID-19 virus. While this was a hard decision to make, we feel that it is the best decision. The safety of our community is paramount, and we feel that it would be difficult to have a successful event and ensure that safety.

The Red River Wine and Beer Festival's success is due, in part, to our many volunteers and our generous sponsors. During these uncertain times, it has been difficult fulfilling the numbers needed to continue this success.

We appreciate everyone that has attended in the years past and are even more excited to see you on March 26, 2022!


While disappointing, these cancelations are by no means surprising as COVID-19 continues to impact the population around the world. Even with the arrival of several vaccine formulas the situation in any given geographical area changes daily. This ever changing landscape makes planning a social event of any scope a daunting task to say the least.

Events like these are frequently the primary fund raisers for the organizations that host them so if one of your favorite events gets canceled be sure to look for some other way to support that organization or group when you can. The pandemic and its effects on our lives has been devastating to many of them.

While I look forward to every announced event and mark them down on my calendar I usually do so in pencil. The phrase "subject to change" has never been more appropriate than it is in our current world.

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