I feel like I don't get enough days off to use them as a weapon, but apparently some people do. 

Summer vacation season is starting to wind down. Most people have already taken or have some late summer vacation time scheduled. Others may have already put in for the upcoming holidays.

According to a new survey, about 5% of people say they've strategically scheduled their vacation days to annoy another co worker. 13% of people say they usually keep quiet about the days they want to take off, because they're afraid their co workers will screw them by grabbing the same days first.

7% even lie about the days they want to take off, in the hope that any co workers who'd want to screw them would take the wrong days. 10% of people say vacation days are the biggest cause of conflict in the office. And not surprisingly, Christmas is the time of year with the most competition over who can and can't take time off.

Have you ever had a conflict come up with a co worker because of vacation? Did it mess up your working relationship? Do you feel your management plays favorites when it comes to vacation time?