Talk about thunderstruck. In the video attached above, Steve 'n' Seagulls, a Finnish band, completely rework AC/DC's late-period classic into a hopped-up, bluegrass romp. After hearing this new take, 'Thunderstruck' will never sound the same for you again.

Malcolm Young's frenetic underpinning riff remains, but its re-imagined here via a demented banjo. An accordion, mandolin, stand-up bass and snare round out the ensemble. Of course, nobody is going to approximate Brian Johnson's gravel-gargling vocal. But Steve 'n' Seagulls don't even try. Instead, 'Thunderstuck' is driven along a perfectly done hootenanny howl.

We're glad to have stumbled across this utterly charming update. As odd as it might sound on paper, it shows the enduring value -- not to mention the little-used adaptability -- of AC/DC's songwriting.

By the way, this newly posted video (in an appropriately rustic setting, featuring photography of our new overall-wearing heroes by Jaakko Manninen) isn't Steve 'n' Seagulls' first pass at 'Thunderstruck.' In fact, they have been tearing through the 1990 AC/DC track for years.

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