Dave Evans, who preceded Bon Scott as the lead singer of AC/DC, has a new EP, 'Nothing to Prove,' which will be released March 3 on Australia's Rocksector Records. The video for the opening track, 'Put Up or Shut Up,' is embedded above.

The other three songs on 'Nothing to Prove' are two more originals Evans co-wrote with guitarist Chris Appleton, 'I Believe' and 'Reach for the Sky,' and a cover of Big Joe Turner's 'Baby Please Don't Go,' which has been famously covered by Them, Aerosmith and AC/DC.

Evans was in AC/DC from its founding in 1973 until October 1974. He recorded one single with the band, 'Can I Sit Next To You, Girl'/ 'Rocking In The Parlour,' before parting ways. In 2013, he listed his reasons for his departure.

"I wasn't getting on with any of them," he said. "And those times, Malcolm Young was getting very jealous all the time because I just happened to be popular with the girls and Malcolm didn't have a girlfriend. So he was very jealous. So Malcolm and I sort of fell out because of that. And then the manager, we all thought he was doing the wrong thing by us as far as money was concerned because we were doing a lot of shows — major shows in Australia; sometimes two or three shows an evening — and we were absolutely flat broke. We were pooling our money together to buy hamburgers and French fries… So I left the band."

'Nothing to Prove' is Evans' first album since 2010's 'Judgement Day.'