AC/DC's new 'Rock or Bust' album is one of the most eagerly awaited releases of the year, and it has the kind of packaging that only the world's biggest bands can afford -- a lenticular animation that depicts the group's logo shattering into pieces and magically being rebuilt. In a new Facebook post, they've shared the decision-making process behind the record's artwork.

In the video, which you can watch above, art director Josh Cheuse explains how it all started. "Before we even had a title, I was working on ideas," he recalls. "And then when they told me the title was 'Rock or Bust,' I found this cat -- his company is called Chaotic Atmospheres. He created this art, and I said, 'Hey, could you make this into an animated thing? I want to try doing a lenticular.' We put it all together into this really cool package that I think people are gonna want to own. It's not just a downloadable experience -- it's not just for your phone. If you don't make something special, there's no point in even making any packaging at all."

And that packaging, adds Cheuse, includes more than just a cool animation. "It's a 24-page book full of photographs, and in some of the photographs, you're going to see things you don't get to see," he explains over clips featuring images from the book. "Like [Angus Young] and [Brian Johnson] in the rehearsal for a video, and Angus in his street clothes, and he just looks cool and relaxed, like he's not in his alter ego schoolboy uniform."

It all starts with the band -- not just in terms of the title, but their overall spirit. "No one makes music like this anymore. No one is crazy enough to make music packaging like this anymore," Cheuse argues. "Not everyone has the heart that these guys have -- they really believe in what they're doing so much that you really wanna do something special for them, because they deserve it. They're doing it for the fans."

And as for that title? As with pretty much all the names of AC/DC's songs and albums, 'Rock or Bust' came from Angus Young. "I get all these jobs by default," he joked when asked about it during a chat with Absolute Radio. "Malcolm [Young] always grabbed me -- 'You got a good title? You got any good hooks?' ... Sometimes you get an idea in the middle of the night and go, 'I'd better scribble it down before I forget it.'"

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