These days, they're able to joke about it, but AC/DC have had more than their share of close calls with malfunctioning airplanes. In a new video (which you can watch above), Brian Johnson and Angus Young recalls one particular instance.

In an exclusive interview with our sister site Loudwire, they're asked if they ever had a moment on tour when they feared for their lives. Johnson remembers when an engine blew up on takeoff, which he calls "bloody hairy. I was sitting next to Malcolm [Young, who was staring out the window], and Malcolm just went, 'Eh, that engine's smoking ... This isn't good.' And there was oil and stuff coming out." An explosion followed, but the pilot reacted quickly and everybody escaped unharmed.

Johnson also tells of another time when they were being protested by right-wing crusaders who claimed that AC/DC stood for "Anti-Christ Devil's Children." "I didn't know that," Angus interjects with a laugh. "That was new stuff to me." But the threat was so great that their security detail forced them to lie down on the floor of the bus until they were in the clear.

AC/DC's new album, 'Rock or Bust,' will be released on Dec. 2. Earlier this week, Young and Johnson made a surprise appearance at a listening party in New York.

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