Ace Frehley has certainly had his differences with his former bandmates in Kiss, much of it on a very public stage. In this instance, however, he's ready to say something nice.

Our sister site Loudwire asked Frehley, in the exclusive video above, to offer one positive thing about each of his former bandmates in Kiss -- Eric Carr, Peter Criss, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Eric Singer.

Of course, Frehley can't help but get a few small digs in. (For instance, he makes a laughing suggestion about who should produce the next Kiss album.) But it's all in good fun, as Frehley gives insight into the one member who is far more subdued when the makeup comes off. It turns out that another former bandmate is an expert mimic backstage.

Then there's the one whom Frehley has jammed with at some post-Kiss club gigs. And the one he called as soon as mixing was completed on his new solo album, 'Space Invader,' just to talk about old times.

Find out who is who, as Frehley reminisces with a surprisingly low amount of controversy.

Ace Frehley Discusses His Final Album With Kiss