In the most recent episode of Aerosmith's Making of 'Music From Another Dimension' series, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry work to describe the energy and process of making an album the guitarist calls "closer to the bone and the skeleton of what Aerosmith is than any record we've done in a long time." Episode III was revealed on Thursday.

"There's an energy there, that's kind of like a tsunami racing across the ocean," Perry says. "There's a little blip like this but it's going 700 MPH and it's carrying 80 megatons of energy. Sometimes the blip goes a little higher." It seems sufficient to say there was a lot of creative energy in the room. Earlier Tyler explained how they'd work on one riff for seven or eight hours.

"It's kind of like taking antique dough, kneading it and putting it a little stuff to make it rise," the singer says in the video below. "And if the stuff don't work and it don't rise than you have unleavened bread. You put in some raisins, you throw some nuts in like Joe Perry did, you get a different type of bread and that cooks a different way."

Collaboration is a big theme with these "Making of ..." episodes. In episode II guitarist Brad Whitford explained how the band started off in a conference room to bounce ideas off one another. 'Music From Another Dimension' is available on Nov. 6. Aerosmith continues their Global Warming tour on Nov. 8.