Some would view being kicked out of the house as a bad thing, but Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton says that a decision made by his strict father led to him jumpstarting his career in music.

The bassist told the Telegram, “My dad and I were at odds for sure. He was a military guy, his way being the way. Everybody conformed to it in the home and then all of a sudden he found himself with this 16-year-old kid who wanted to grow his hair long. He demanded that I didn’t do it and I politely refused. So I was invited to leave the house, which I did.”

Hamilton says that his first taste of being on his own led to joining a band with guitarist Joe Perry called the Jam Band. It was during this time that they played a show with a band called Chain Reaction that featured a then-unknown Steven Tyler on drums.

Hamilton recalls, “Steven was fed up with what he was doing. He loved our energy because we used to turn our amps up all the way and play really fast songs. And that’s all we really cared about, and Steven thought we were really crude, but combined with his melodic knowledge and his theory background, we had a good combination.”

Several months later, the band would play their first gig as Aerosmith at the Nipmuc Regional High School, performing covers of the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and the Yardbirds amongst others.

These days Aerosmith has their own full catalog to choose from, and Hamilton says, “We really learned over the years that as long as we stick to what gets us off, there is a large group of people that will also be inspired.”

Aerosmith are currently in the midst of their ‘Global Warming‘ tour, and will return this fall with the new album, ‘Music From Another Dimension.’