In times of political and social turmoil, music can often provide an escape from the grim realities of our imperfect world. Sometimes, however, it's more important to tackle the issues head-on through the very art we seek comfort in, something which can ultimately provide catharsis. On "Last Ones," Amaal Nuux creates a sonic space for both healing and empowerment.

A civil war refugee, Nuux immigrated with her Muslim family from Somalia to Toronto in 1991. Since first pursuing music, the singer-songwriter has focused on crafting socially conscious songs, and "Last Ones" is no different: An anthem for all the oppressed and marginalized communities in the world, the sweeping, poignant ballad packs a powerful message about solidarity and the beauty of multiculturalism.

"I wrote this song after speaking with my youngest sister who was sharing with me the pressures she feels as a teenager," Nuux shares of the gorgeous track.

"She is a young, black Muslim girl and wears a hijab. There's so much religious and racial tension happening in the world right now and to see my baby sister hurting due to these issues brought me a great deal of pain," she continues. "This song was for her and all people around the world who are facing oppression, identity issues and feel marginalized. I hope with this song you can find strength in your resilience and have this as your motivational pick me up."

The clip itself is a moving celebration of diversity, as the crystal-voiced artist sings, "They tried to take all of our pieces / Hiding the ways but don't ever count us out / 'Cause we will be the last ones down" while members from various global communities and cultural backgrounds dance.

"I knew from the very beginning I wanted the video to represent people in not only my life but to display diversity from around the world," she explains. "I am so fortunate to have been raised in a city like Toronto where there is so much multiculturalism. I want to use this platform to celebrate who we are."

Watch below:

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