It was about two years ago that I shared with you a little business idea that would make cash money and combat lowly porch pirate thieves in L-Town. It was a business front that a person could have their packages delivered to for a small fee, to be picked up later. Constantly seeing posts across social media about people stealing someones stuff, it made sense. Now, Amazon is back ahead of that game, offering secure delivery at a remote location, that way your packages are there when you expect them.


Amazon is calling these locations their Hub Counters. So when you know you won't be at home to take delivery, or you work at a place deliveries aren't ideal, you now have an option to make sure your stuff is stolen just to be sold off by some thieving loser for a little drug money.

Maybe you've already seen this as an option on Amazon, I admit, I haven't ordered anything in a week or two, so maybe it's old news to you. For the rest of us, this is a welcome sight. Often, my stuff is scheduled for delivery on a Saturday. Now, to combat porch piracy at my house, I always send my stuff to the downtown studios... which are closed on the weekends. Now, I can opt to send my packages to either hub counter location for those estimated weekend deliveries, and not have to wait until Monday.

The service is obviously just getting started, only the two locations so far... but in time, I'm sure we'll all have one or two locations in our own neighborhoods. Makes me think since shipping to commercial locations is cheaper anyway, this might be a push to make hub counters the eventual permanent delivery center for Amazon goods.

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