Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick has won $350,000 in her lawsuit against the New York City Fire Department. The sexual harassment suit was filed just over a year ago, during Pivarnick's time working as an EMT for FDNY.

"I said when the case was filed that it had nothing to do with television or entertainment and that remains true," Pivarnick said in a statement released to Entertainment Tonight. "Sexual harassment is serious and has devastating consequences for so many women. It has for #MeToo."

Although the case took over a year to resolve, Pivarnick is "pleased" with the resolution of her case. Pivarnick's attorneys, Kevin Mintzer and David Harrison, stated that the 34-year-old reality show star was "brave, dignified, and determined to see that justice was done."

The lawsuit described Pivarnick's experiences with two of her supervisors, who are both lieutenants within FDNY's Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.

In the documents, Pivarnick claimed that, between the years of 2017 and 2018, she was subject to "repeated and unwelcome sexual advances, degrading comments about her body, vulgar sexual comments," and more. On one particular occasion, a supervisor groped an "intimate part of her body" without consent.

Nicholas Paolucci, spokesperson for the city's law department, released a statement in response to the lawsuit.

"The FDNY takes allegations of sexual harassment seriously. Ms. Pivarnick’s claim was fully investigated, and the appropriate corrective action was taken," Paolucci stated. He concluded by writing that the settlement "was in the best interests of the city."

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