Rumors are swirling that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner have reunited and are dating again following their respective breakups.

The Sun alleges both Styles and Jenner — who dated on and off for years between 2013 and 2019 — have become a shoulder to cry on for each other following their own breakups.

A source told the tabloid that the pair have been leaning on each other after their respective breakups from Olivia Wilde and basketball player Devin Booker.

"Harry and Kendall have always stayed in touch, but in light of their recent splits, they have more time for one another. And Harry has had Kendall’s ear over his breakup with Olivia," a source told The Sun.

"Kendall is one of the few people to understand the level of fame and scrutiny which Harry endures. She is also dealing with her own tough time," the source continued, adding that their hectic and busy lifestyles could get in the way of a potential romantic rekindling.

"Close as they are, Harry and Kendall found dating difficult, and all of those practical problems they faced years ago are still there," the source said.

Despite what the anonymous source told The Sun, another source told E! News that Jenner and Styles are just good friends.

"She and Harry are just good friends," the source told E! News. "They remained friendly over the years and have kept in touch. There's nothing romantic going on, but they do catch up from time to time and have hung out in social settings."

A second source shared something similar, telling E! News that Styles and Jenner "are not rekindling at this moment."

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