Randy Bachman’s name comes first in Bachman Turner Overdrive, but Fred Turner says there was a period where their musical partnership might have only included one vocalist.


Turner tells BraveWords.com that it took a little urging to get Bachman to sing for the group. He recalls, “Randy didn’t really want to sing at all, and I said to him, ‘You know, your songs, you have a certain feel for those songs that I don’t have, and it would probably be better if you tried to do the vocals on them.”

Turner says Bachman initially told him he couldn’t sing, but after some convincing and a few tries the decision was made. Fred says of Bachman, “My voice would never have come off with the inflections that he uses in his songs, so basically I sang my songs, he sang his songs.” Turner says there is the rare occasion where Bachman will write something out of his range, which is when he might take on one of his partner’s tracks.

The duo are back with ‘Live at the Roseland Ballroom,’ a new concert album and DVD taken from their support of their 2010 self-titled effort. Turner says in the live arena, the band has been performing four songs from that disc as the audience demand warrants a healthy does of past favorites. Among the newer cuts are ‘Rollin’ Along,’ ‘Moonlight Rider,’ ‘Waiting Game’ and ‘Slave to the Rhythm.’ He adds, “It’s fun – all of it’s fun. I’ve just been doing it so long that it’s a great thing to get onstage and sing the songs. It’s a great feeling.”

Look for Bachman and Turner doing scattered dates this summer, and performing on the Rock Legends cruise next January.