Go Daddy's pitchwoman Danica Patrick is back in their 2013 Super Bowl Commercial. But it's supermodel Bar Refaeli who does the heavy lifting in the spot that is sure to garner its share of attention.

As the commercial begins Patrick introduces Rafaeli, who represents the "sexy" side of Go Daddy, and "Walter," a nerdy-looking fellow who represents the Web hosting company's "smart" side.

Then the two sides began making out. Like really, really going at it. The kiss lasts more than 10 seconds and the audience is not spared any slurping sounds. Apparently it took 45 takes to film the make-out session, and network censors rejected the original cut of the commercial because it was too graphic.

The fellow who can now tell you everything there is to know about the inside of Refaeli's mouth is Jesse Heiman. If you recognize his ruddy complexion it's because Heiman is the so-called "World's Greatest Extra." This video should get you up to speed on the 34-year work in the background of many of your favorite movies and TV shows.

Go Daddy has said they will put the original cut of the commercial -- which includes "more tongue" -- on their website Sunday. Stay tuned for updates.