Well, wedding season is officially upon us. Every year as I look at my calendar I wonder, what in the heck am I going to wear?

But do you ever feel like all the guests at weddings wear the same thing?? I sometimes do, which is why at the last wedding I went to, I decided to switch it up and try the print on print trend.

My Hubs got me these printed heels from Asos for my bday and the dress is from Banana Republic a few years back. While I did get a few “umm girlfriend, your shoes and dress don’t match….” stares, I actually really love the outfit and felt really confident about it.

And isn’t that what fashion is about? Staying true to what YOU love? I think so.

Here is an outfit I put together with some items available in stores now if you are wanting to try the mixed print trend.

Dress. Shoes. Clutch. Ring.

Kind of fun, right!? My only advice would be, if your outfit and shoes are patterned, definitely go with a solid clutch and minimal jewelry. Keep the accessories simple because if you overload on patterns AND accessories, then you will just be overloaded!

So what do you think, will you try the mixed print trend?