It was the panty-drop, girl-shriek heard round the world, when on March 22, 1963, the Beatles released their first album in the UK, on Parlophone Records.

At a time when the music world was dominated by film score music and easy listening vocalists, 'Please Please Me' was a game changer. The album climbed to the top of the UK charts by May of 1963 and remained there for thirty weeks. What finally replaced it? 'With The Beatles.'

The album was recently ranked 39th on Rolling Stone Magazine's 2012 list of the '500 Greatest Albums of All Time.' Interestingly enough, 'Please Please Me' was not released in the United States until the introduction of the compact disc in the 80s, though most of the songs were included on other albums which were released in America.

In honor of the album that started it all, here are some of our favorite tracks: