With Rihanna and Kevin Durant fanning some feudal flames, we took a look back at some of the best and strangest celebrity and athlete feuds.

The NBA Playoffs this year have been largely drama free, but with the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers matching up in a replay of the 2016 Finals, there was some hope we'd finally get to see some memorable basketball. We ended up getting a little bit of beef, but from an unlikely source: that of the diminutive diva, Rihanna, and the "Durantula," Kevin Durant.

Rihanna hasn't made her adoration of Cavaliers star LeBron James a secret, and was caught heckling the Warriors at least once on broadcast TV. In response, Durant made sure to eye up the Barbadian pop star after hitting a big shot late in the game.

While Kevin Durant does have a tiny bit of history crushing on Riri (but honestly, who doesn't?), he tried to play it cool in the post-game press conference, despite social media's best efforts to call him out.

There are at least three more games in the NBA Playoffs to go, so Rihanna and KD only have about another week or so to really kick things into high gear. The rest of feuding athletes and celebrities have been at this quite a bit longer, and were often much more bitter and venomous.

Don't just take our word for it though, check out these memorable rivalries to see what we're talking about. Just don't try to stir up any nonsense with these big time stars on your own. You might end up playing yourself.

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