"Let us stand for the 'Pledge of Allegiance,'" something I would do every morning in class until I entered middle school.

Being a military child and going to school overseas the American school system believed that saying the Pledge every morning would have the students learn not just about the history of their flag, but to instill an appreciation for what our military parents do for our country.

When I moved to Texas in between my Germany moves, the students still recited the Pledge every morning.

It wasn't until I arrived in Oklahoma when I learned that reciting the Pledge was actually not required.

I came to Lawton in 7th grade and at the time we still got up and said the Pledge before beginning the day. It wasn't until 8th grade as I prepared to rise for this morning ritual that my teacher just proceeded with the lesson of the day.

This was a bit of a life shock for me, how could the day start in school without the Pledge of Allegiance?

According to News9, two bills passed the Senate Education Committee, which means these bills can now be scheduled to be heard at a full senate.

One bill would force elementary students to recite the pledge each day, while it would be optional for other public schools in the district. If this was to be forced in the other level of public schools a second bill would need to be passed.

Currently the Pledge of Allegiance is authorized but not required. Schools are however required to display a U.S. Flag and instruct students on its history.

Some say that this should be a requirement, others believe that our elected government officials should focus on more pressing issues. Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.

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