If, like me, you are a lover of dogs, you're probably going to want to get the tissues out and keep them handy. This is a tale of friendship, comradery and a that kept a dog alive long enough to see it's human married and happily start a new life.

Charlie was found abandoned in a shopping cart when he was just a puppy, and brought into an animal shelter where Kelly O'Connell was working. O'Connell was just 19 years old and still living with her parents when she found the 12-week old black lab pup, and she definitely wasn't looking for a dog. It was more like Charlie found her.

photo courtesy of youtube.com/Faith Simpson

After attending college together, O'Connell and Charlie moved to Colorado after graduation. Everywhere she went, Charlie went. O'Connell was preparing to move to Scotland for five years to begin training to become a veterinarian, when she met the other man who would change her life, James Garvin.

After her stay in Scotland ended, O'Connell and Charlie returned to Colorado, where they moved in with Garvin, who was also a veterinarian, and along with three kids, 5 dogs and some cats, formed a very happy family. Early this year, the two vets decided to marry, but received some bad news: Charlie was diagnosed with a brain tumor. They hoped he would be able to hold out long enough to make it to their wedding.

photo courtesy of youtube.com/Faith Simpson

The pair were married last month, and Charlie was by their side, even managing to make it down the aisle. But that and the smile he managed when the ceremony was complete took all Charlie had to muster. After he knew his human was finally together with her new partner, Charlie had to be helped back up the aisle by the maid of honor, the strain of the excitement too much for his 15-year old, tumor stricken body to handle. As he was being carried up the aisle, both the bride and the groom knelt beside him, hugging and thanking him for being part of their ceremony, and their lives.

Two days later, with the knowledge that his human was happy, Charlie finally succumbed to the tumor. But both the bride and groom know that the photos of that day not only captured their happiest day together, but also one of their final days with their cherished black lab. And they wouldn't have had it any other way.

photo courtesy of youtube.com/Faith Simpson

video courtesy of youtube.com/Faith Simpson. photos courtesy of video.