K-pop girl group BlackPink just made U.S. chart history with the Billboard Hot 100 entry for their bilingual "Kiss and Make Up" collab with Dua Lipa, but that isn't stopping member Jennie from shining all on her own.

Singer-rapper Jennie just dropped "Solo," her appropriately titled debut solo song and video as a lead artist. The single is a slinky, booming assertion of independence, with an in-your-face video to match that energy.

The song and video both begin unassumingly, but soon build up into an explosion of confidence and swag. Early in the video Jennie sings in a lighter voice, dressed in traditionally pretty outfits, hanging around a big, extravagant estate all by her lonesome. She looks positively bored.

That doesn't last long. As the song turns into a banging dance jam, Jennie breaks into various scenes and settings. There's a symbolic moment where she walks into a laundromat, takes off her pretty dress and tosses it into a washer machine. She struts out wearing an all-black modern, sexier outfit of a bodysuit, hot pants, fishnet stockings and denim jacket.

Eventually Jennie returns to the fancy mansion, but this time she's not alone. Surrounded by an army of female dancers, Jennie makes it clear she's independent and ready to breakout on her own terms, but that girl power is still very important part of her message.

"Solo" is the first solo track from a plan for each of BlackPink's members to release individual solo projects. According to K-pop news site Soompi, "Solo" is already a hit with Korean audiences, hitting No. 1 on the "realtime charts" of six major music sites. Congrats, Jennie!

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