A bride-to-be is fuming after her sister announced she plans to tie the knot one week after her own wedding.

In a post on Mumsnet — a site by parents for parents — a woman in the U.K. explained that although she and her partner of five years have had their wedding date "booked for 18 months," her sister, who got engaged "after a year of dating," scheduled her special day to take place just days after hers.

After getting engaged at Christmas, the sister "straight away booked her wedding in New York one week after mine," the frustrated woman explains in the post.

"What hurts is that she didn’t pull me to one side and explain why they had done this, instead they announced their plans over Xmas dinner and added she wouldn’t be having bridesmaids, [even though] she’s one of mine," the bride-to-be continues, before dropping the bombshell that her sister is no longer invited to the ceremony: "Was one of mine."

Vince Bucci, Getty Images
Vince Bucci, Getty Images

The woman declares she "wasn't bothered about her stealing my thunder," or the fact her mom's time has been taken up with "dress shopping" for her sibling. Instead, she's concerned about the logistics, additional costs and possibility of having to scrap what could have been a "mini moon holiday" with her new husband and three kids, as she will now have to stay in NYC longer.

But apparently "holiday" is the wrong word to use, as the woman says when she mentioned it to her sister, it set her off. "She became very rude and explained it wasn't a holiday but her wedding," the woman writes, adding she tried to downplay the holiday comment, saying she only called it that because she will have "just [gotten] married" and wants to spend some time alone with her hubby.

The damage has been done though.

The bride-to-be claims her sister "ignored" her repeated calls and "doesn't seem to acknowledge she's done anything wrong." Now, the woman says she's not going to her sibling's wedding and her sister is no longer going to be a part of hers.

The woman's post has been met with mixed reactions, as some agreed that her sister was in the wrong, while others told her to get over it.

"Wow. One week after your wedding and in New York? She must have known you’d have to either not go, or work your honeymoon around it. She could at least have picked a date a few weeks later. Very odd and self-centered behavior," one user wrote.

Another commented: "It's not like it's the week before your weekend. I think your reaction is OTT (over the top). I can kind of understand being a bit upset but not to the extent of uninviting her!"

For now, it seems the war between these two brides has just begun.

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