Bruce Springsteen just can’t stop loving other artists’ music. So who can be surprised that at yesterday’s Taylor Swift concert in Raleigh, N.C. (Nov. 17), he popped backstage to say hello and even strummed a song on the young country star’s guitar?

Recently, Springsteen’s been spreading the wealth, accepting a guest slot on a Dropkick Murphys album, singing on a recent Pete Seeger recording, giving a holler during a Stewart Francke song, and now dropping in to check out a show from America’s sweetheart.

“I’ll never forget when Bruce Springsteen played ‘Dancing in the Dark’ backstage at my show on my guitar,” Swift said on her Twitter, also posting the photo shown below. (Editor’s note: wonder if he danced like this for her, too?)

While there’s little doubt Springsteen would have been a welcome addition on stage — Swift has had such a long list of guest performers at her recent concerts that she had to write down the names to recite at the recent CMA Awards — he was spotted mingling somewhat anonymously with other concertgoers.

As much as everyone loves Swift, was it her concert that brought Springsteen to Raleigh? Likely not. Jessica, Springsteen’s college-age daughter, reportedly goes to nearby Duke University in nearby Durham, N.C., according to a local news story.



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