Bruce Springsteen has announced plans to publish his autobiography, titled Born to Run, later this year.

Scheduled for a Sept. 27 release and available for pre-order now, the book is the result of a rumored $10 million deal between Springsteen and publisher Simon & Schuster. According to the press release announcing Born to Run's publication, Springsteen has been working on the manuscript for the past seven years.

"This is the book we've been hoping for," said Simon & Schuster publisher Jonathan Karp. "Readers will see their own lives in Bruce Springsteen's extraordinary story, just as we recognize ourselves in his songs."

Born to Run promises to take readers inside the "poetry, danger and darkness" behind his songs, spanning from "his early days as a bar band king in Asbury Park" through his rise to fame with the E Street Band — and all the "personal struggles" he faced along the way.

"Writing about yourself is a funny business," Springsteen is quoted as saying. "But in a project like this, the writer has made one promise, to show the reader his mind. In these pages, I've tried to do this."

Springsteen's Born to Run memoir joins a list of upcoming releases that includes a new album he's described as "more of a solo project" than recent efforts. In the immediate future, he'll remain on the road with the E Street Band, where he's extended his current tour commemorating his landmark 1980 LP, The River, while promoting his recent River-inspired box, The Ties That Bind.

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