During the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony Nov. 20, BTS' Jungkook performed his new song "Dreamers," and his bandmates showed their support on Instagram.

But on Suga's Instagram Story, one post in particular caught fans' eye: a camera roll screen recording that showed a mysterious cat.

The surprise cat glimpse came as the guys cheered on the band's youngest member, with Suga captioning his Stories "JKKKKKK!" and "Stadium-experienced vibes," while other members called Jungkook "so f---ing cool," proving that even during a hiatus, the band still has a strong bond.

ARMY detectives were also quick to notice that the clothes in the photo resembled one of Suga's shirts that he wore during a previous live stream.

The photo showed two black cats, but it was unclear if they were the same cat or two separate cats.

Afterward, it was alleged that Suga visited a cat adoption center to learn more about caring for felines.

"[Of course] Yoongi would seek out an adoption [center] and try and find out as much as he could about taking care of cats so he can be the best possible cat dad," one fan tweeted.

"Being an army isn’t real at all bc [what do you mean] jungkook opened the world cup and we found out yoongi has a cat by accident???" another fan wrote.

The discovery is extra wholesome since both fans and BTS represent Suga with a cat emoji, and RM even once tagged Suga in a cat photo on Instagram with the caption "Finding Yoongi."

Online, others discussed Suga's penchant for privacy, like keeping his "7" tattoo — which apparently matches the rest of the members — hidden.

Meanwhile, fans joked about the stark contrast of BTS member Jimin's post in support of Jungkook, which was the exact opposite of Suga's given that he tightly cropped a photo of his TV screen, not chancing any fans seeing the interior of his house or any personal details.

"Jimin cropping everything around the tv like always u will never catch him slipping," a fan joked on Twitter.

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