If you've ever wondered what human flesh tastes like after being charbroiled on the grill (if so, are you, like, okay...?), you can now sink your teeth into a "human meat"-flavored vegan burger.

The cannibal-friendly creation was crafted by Swedish food company Oumpf!. The product even won the Silver Brand Experience and Activation Lion award at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity this year.

The company insists "no humans were injured in the development of this product."

Instead, the bizarre, flesh-flavored burger consists of soy protein, mushrooms, wheat protein, plant-based fats and "a mysterious spice mix."

"The curious and fearless get a chance to try the world's first plant-based burger resembling human meat," Oumpf! said in a press release published by My News Desk.

"By creating this special edition burger, Oumph! wanted to prove that it is possible to produce plant-based products that taste like 'any meat' and are exciting to try," the statement continued.

"I am incredibly proud of this award and the great teamwork behind it. Our mission is to change how people eat, and it is our duty to use creativity as a tool to make this change happen," Henrik Akerman, a global brand leader at Oumph!, shared in the statement.

"As a small brand, we need to be bold and ready to push some boundaries to breakthrough, and I think this campaign is a good example of us doing just that," Akerman added.

In a YouTube video, Oumph! co-founder, corporate chef and head of innovation Anders Linden said developing a plant-based burger that tastes like human meat was "exciting" and a "little bit scary."

"We developed this burger in no time as soon as we knew what taste and texture we were after. This is our ultimate and weird way of showing that it's possible to create any type of food by using just plants," Linden added.

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